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What Can and Shouldn’t Go Down My Drain?

A Convenient Disposal

We tend to not think twice about our drains except for when something goes terribly wrong. Because of that, we also tend not to think about what we put down our drains by and large. However, what we pour or put down the drain could have a lasting effect on the longevity of our drains. To prevent a massive plumbing or pipe break from occurring in our home, here are a few tips on what we should and shouldn't put down the drain.

1. Toxic Material

While this may seem obvious, it needs to be listed all the same. Toxic material should never be poured down the drain. Even something like a powerful cleaning solution may be best disposed of elsewhere. These materials can slowly eat away at your pipes over a period of time. The pipes can become brittle, and if one bad thing goes down it, or there's too much pressure, that pipe can burst and leave us with quite a problem on our hands. We should also consider where those toxic materials are going. They don't just disappear, after all. For some, they may end up mixing with other toxic material, and the result could be quite explosive or corrosive.

It can also get into our water. While most of the water that is washed down the drain ends up being recycled and cleaned, those toxic materials may not always be completely cleaned out. As a result, it's re-entering the drinking system, and we may be giving it to our children or showering in it ourselves. Be mindful of just what sort of liquid we end up pouring down the drain.

2. Hair

Perhaps the next biggest culprit of many plugged pipes and plumbing problems is hair. When we shower or groom, we're shedding hair. We've likely seen it clog the membrane that rests atop the drain in the shower that prevents hair and other large material from rolling down the drain. However, hair still slips through those small holes and little by little it starts to create a problem. Hair likes to stick. It can stick to each other and it can stick to soap residue. This residue especially makes hair sticky, and as time goes on, it builds and builds until there is quite a lump in the drain.

We may start to notice that the water doesn't drain as easily as it used to and wonder why. At worst, it could cause a pipe to break if there's too much pressure being applied. Considering the amount of water damage that could be performed if this were to happen, it's a smart idea to keep hair out of the drain. While there are chemicals that can dissolve hair in the pipe, they aren't always the best solution. Especially if that chemical came from a store instead of a plumbing professional. One of the easiest solutions is to put a hair trapper inside the drain. In this way, we can keep hair out of the drain and keep our pipes working efficiently.

3. Sanitary Napkins

For ladies out there, it can be quite easy to simply flush sanitary napkins and tampons down the toilet. It takes care of the smell and just general messiness. However, those items were not meant to be degraded with water. Even those who claim that they can be flushed down the toilet are typically not perfect at being dissolved. As such, those napkins and tampons build up in the plumbing system and create havoc. In fact, many plumbing issues and water treatment facilities have had large problems with the number of sanitary napkins and tampons that have clogged up their systems.

Resist the urge and instead dispose of them in the garbage. A simple plastic cover to hide the items is a lot less expensive than having to completely re-work our plumbing system.

4. Food

Unless our sink is particularly designed with a garbage disposal, we should not be pouring excess food down the drain. Similar to that of toxic material, it isn't always easy for food to be broken down in facilities. As such, that bacteria can easily contaminate the surrounding area. It could cause a lot of harm to some people. In addition, food sediment can build up within the pipe. Not only can it make a nasty odor but it can create quite an unpleasant clog, too.

The Solutions

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