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4 Home Cooling Options Available For Homeowners

We here at I Need The Plumber & AC want to make sure our community is aware of their options when it comes to staying cool this summer season. Learn more in today’s post!

Happy summertime everyone. Isn’t it gorgeous outside? The heat is up in the 90s, and indoor air conditioning is a must! How many of you are indoors and comfortable? How many of you need some help with your AC? We’ll be breaking down some ways to stay cool indoors this summer.

1. Using a Fan

Using a fan is a great way to stay cool. You can place it where you’d like, and you can determine the strength of the breeze to your liking. Not to mention, some fans complement a room. However, there are some cons to counting on your fan as your entire complete method of staying cool in the heat.

Cons of a fan

Using a fan or multiple fans in each room to cool down your whole home isn’t practical. Your entire home will remain hot as fans do not change room temperature, they only create a chilling effect by circulating the air. This also goes for ceiling fans. In the long run, it may also end up being more expensive than just running your home’s AC. Fans work best while working with a room already cooled by an AC.

2. AC Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

If you are using fans to cool down your home because your AC is in dire need of repair or you know that you need a new home unit, this next portion is especially for you. According to the CDC, "air-conditioning is the number one protective factor against heat-related illness and death" People that are most susceptible to heat are those under 4 and over 65 years of age. When you’re in need of an AC installation or repair, don’t put it off.

If you are unsure about when to reach out to us, contact us today if your:

  • Air conditioner is not turning on
  • Air conditioner turns on but has no cool air
  • Air conditioner is producing insufficient cool air
  • Air conditioner is emitting loud, strange noises
  • Air conditioner is leaking

3. Duct System – Services

If your AC unit is up and running just fine, the next thing that could be obstructing your home’s cooling performance could be the duct system. Although considered as one of the most important components in your HVAC system, the ductwork is also the most overlooked.

There are a few things that could be faulty when it comes to your air ducts. There might be a leak, something obstructing the pathway of air, the ducts may be lined with lint and dirt, your air filter hasn’t been changed in a while, there is something disconnected in the air duct system; there are many reasons as to what could be wrong.

The best way to find the cause of your AC from cooling down your home is to hire a technician to take a look for you. Get in touch with I Need The Plumber & AC to have your ductworks inspected. Fortunately, we do offer Port St. Lucie and beyond multiple types of duct services:

  • Duct repair
  • Duct installation
  • Duct replacement
  • Duct Cleaning

4. Ductless Mini Split

One of the last options to cooling down your home this summer is a ductless mini-split. These mini-split systems can cool down rooms individually compared to a traditional HVAC unit that is constructed to cool down an entire home. There are a few reasons to get one installed your home:

  • When you’ve added a new addition to your home
  • Room conversions, when you’ve changed a garage to a room
  • Florida rooms, when you want to cool down space without opening any windows or lose cold from inside the home
  • If your home is older and needs some climate controlling

Contacting I Need The Plumber & AC

With 22 years of experience, I Need The Plumber & AC is proud to be known as the go-to service company for quality residential plumbing and HVAC services in Port St. Lucie and the surrounding areas throughout St. Lucie County. If you’re in the need of a new way to cool off this summer, feel free to contact us today about our HVAC, duct, and mini-split services.